Myoma Market

aypyitaw Myoma Market is currently the commercial centre of Naypyidaw. The market with almost 250 shops and other 400 stalls for greengrocers are located behind the market, which is noticeable for its hustle and bustle. The significant building of the market spacious ground, with welcoming shops at all wings. The main market opened in May, 2006 while all the shops opened in December, 2006.


The market is always such a fascinating place to linger and watch, and even taste. There are many stalls selling the bark of the tree used in making thanaka, a paste applied to face that protects the skin from the sun and other harmful elements. Others serve the Myanmar specialities as mohinga in an enormous pot. In the covered market, they supply with longyis and htamain, expertly pressing and stitching them on whirring sewing machines before they could be attached around the waist. Food is everywhere and at 5pm, the market is so crowded with people after work, looking for something for the evening meal. It is not an easygoing daily life process for everyone to fulfill the will of an empty and hungry stomach which is also needed to be treated with nutritious foods.

A total of 59 workers carry out everyday sanitation, beautifying and greening tasks of the market. The main market closes on every Monday on which the night bazaar and hawkers’ shops are kept open. The market is alive with crowd mostly on Tuesday and Friday.